Stressed? You Need Unforced Rhythms of Grace

You’ve hiked, right? America’s national parks have so many gorgeous vista’s, but they’re rarely visible from the road.  When hubby and I vacation, we park the car, grab the backpack plus water and go hike. But thirty minutes or so into the woods, I remark how heavy the pack is. We are middle-aged and admittedly … Continue reading Stressed? You Need Unforced Rhythms of Grace

Political Concerns? Agree w/Psalm 46: God Rules the Nations

Psalm 46 is often quoted in Christian circles for verse 10: Be still and know that I am God.  Here is that psalm from another version. I listened to it, considering the global political climate of 2017. It changed my perspective. Maybe yours, too?  Elohim is our Machseh and strength,  an ever-present help in times … Continue reading Political Concerns? Agree w/Psalm 46: God Rules the Nations

Celebrating Being Irish!

The 18th annual Irish Festival and Parade in Melbourne, FL this weekend was a first for us. What a fun family event! Mild temps and blue skies set the stage for strollers, leashed dogs, moms, dads and plenty of kids. Smiles abounded at each candy toss. St. Pat sure looks good for 1600 years of … Continue reading Celebrating Being Irish!

St. Patrick’s God Defeats Druid Wizards

Do you know the true story of the 4th century Irish hero, St. Patrick? Way more than shamrocks, snakes or green beer, Patty's faith defeated wizard magic. Read it here and tell the story to your kids this weekend.

Extravagant Love

My husband loves me extravagantly. Not extravagant in the sense of lacking restraint in spending money, as in "it was rather extravagant to buy both,” nor in the sense that he exceeds what is reasonable or appropriate. You see, my beloved enjoys lavishing me with costly gifts. He is not wasteful, he shops sales racks. … Continue reading Extravagant Love

Women Like Me by Rebecca Alpizar

For Int'l Women's Day, my guest, Rebecca Alpizar explores 7 women of the Bible, their roles, work & mighty faith. Come along as we discover they were wives, mothers, queens, judges, lawmakers, teachers, caretakers and business owners, but mostly, women like us!

Speak Healing Words to Yourself

Along with you, I believe Yahweh is a God who heals. I believe that the healing power of God did not end when Jesus ascended to heaven, but still operates. As His Body, we pray God's Word and speak it over our families as His delegated, designated representatives on earth. "Your kingdom come. Your will … Continue reading Speak Healing Words to Yourself

Call for Prophets and the Body of Christ to Work Together

Important revelation given via a dream to Wanda Alger. God is revealing the absolute necessity of the prophets and the Body of Christ coming together in greater oneness of heart and spirit in order to FEED this coming revival.

Wanda Alger.ME

I was sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby. It was very healthy, but very hungry. I then saw the Christ figure walking toward me and kneel down in front of me. I knew He represented the BODY of Christ as He came to me as a PROPHETIC VOICE. I felt His love and compassion, not only for me, but for the baby.

I knew that I needed to feed this baby, but I couldn’t do it alone. The sustenance I could provide would not be enough. I needed Him – the Body of Christ – to feed this baby with me. I then felt an overwhelming love and reached out to Him. I cradled his HEAD in my hands and KISSED it. Then, I looked into His eyes and began to prophesy over Him about the FAVOR of GOD upon Him. I said that He had much favor…

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Lamb Rescue Video

Found this video of a lamb rescue in Scotland. Watch it and then come back to finish this article, Okay? Click here Seeing Kate tenderly wrap that lamb in towels made me think of the times my Jesus rescued me from danger. She braved freezing water to help a helpless one. Not because she owned … Continue reading Lamb Rescue Video