Mary’s Journal Entry 1 AD

A fictional glimpse through a mother’s eyes at the birth of her firstborn. But not any mother and not just any newborn.

Healing Writer

“Mary kept all this things in her heart and thought about them often(Luke 2:20 NLT). 

 Mary’s Diary Entry: 1 AD in the month of Tishrei

Our son was born today- finally! At times, it seemed this day would never arrive.  I replay the events of today in my mind, over and over, recalling the pain of my labor, the anxiety of wondering if we’d ever find a place to have this baby, then smiling at how it all turned out. My emotions were up and down with worry, weary of long travel and riding that donkey for so long, yet excited knowing delievry was imminent. My body told me it would be soon. 

christmas-nativityBut then I held him. My heart swelled with joy beholding his tiny features. I cannot stop looking upon him in awe and wonder. He is so small, so fragile, so perfect! His tiny…

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Divine Exchange

A Christmas message from 2014 boiled down to nine evergreen words.

Healing Writer

God became flesh so that I could become spirit.

My pastor, Tim Franklin, Ph.D. spoke this phrase during a December 2013 sermon. This truth struck me like an arrow. Simple, yet profound.

The mystery of the incarnation boiled down to 9 words. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

As a former Catholic, I am familiar with sermons on the incarnation. Every Christmas. But Pastor Tim’s words brought the ever so familiar incarnation message to life. Simplicity.

Leach Nativity Divine Exchange ChristmasThe Christmas story is not the story of a baby being born. It is the story of a King leaving His throne in heaven, lowering Himself to “take on flesh” and become human, for the sole purpose of dying in that human body He took on. To be born…

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Letting in the Light – Part 3 of Blessed Are the Cracked

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The Artist’s Signature

I'm fascinated by the gold spots on monarch chrysalides. As most readers know, I began raising monarchs this year, releasing about 120 butterflies to date. My sixth batch is in the chrysalis stage now and I hope to release 45 healthy monarchs in the next few days.  I love this stage most because of the … Continue reading The Artist’s Signature

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God Collects Our Tears

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Hidden Cemetery Plots

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Hurricane Recovery: Why Rush Back to Normal?

Thanks to our connected world, everyone knows the destruction that Hurricane Irma brought to my state of Florida. The images are heartbreaking but we are a resilient people who will recover. My family is blessed. We are safe. We did not evacuate, but shuttered in and hunkered down with all the recommended hurricane supplies. The … Continue reading Hurricane Recovery: Why Rush Back to Normal?