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Welcome to the second post on the Secret Place which describes what it is, why we want to luxuriate there, and what it does for us.  What: The Secret Place is not actually a place, it is a person, Jesus Christ. Christians refer to spending time with God in the secret place because of Psalm […]


Readers, I’d love to get your input on three recently redesigned book covers for my new devotional. Some clicking is required as each link opens a separate file. Or you can just look at the picture above.  Just review all three and comment below as to your favorite. THANKS SO MUCH!  1. Cover Lion Garden […]


I am editing the final draft of my new book, Lion in My Garden: A Devotional Art and Activity Journal.   Here is a sneak preview of the front image and back cover copy:  Do you long for a thriving spiritual life where you feel God’s Presence daily? Come meet the Lion of Judah in the […]


I’m in a season with new doors. Not the opportune kind, I’m talking literal doors here. Gift of a Hand Carved Door Hubby and I bought a new house and to our delight, it came with a custom carved  front door. Hand carved from Red Oak in 1981 by Jack Wallis, the artistry and craftsmanship […]