Fireflies Dance at Dusk

The lime green intermittent flashes darted in and out of the flowers, carrying with them a flash back to a fond childhood memory. The first time I’d ever seen a firefly was at my grandmothers big house on Orchard Lake in Michigan; it was the 1960’s. Scads of tiny green lights twinkled brightly against the darkness as we chased them, our tiny giggles background music.

Yes, we would imprison them in clear glass jars to gaze in wonderment at their brightness. Every child should enjoy this ritual; it should be a required rite of passage.

When God breathes life on something, it becomes a holy moment.

Seeing these delightful creatures again after many years while vacationing at Forest Hills Resort in Dahlonega, Georgia was a holy moment.  Not because it was deep or super spiritual, but because it brought me back to a very happy place in a childhood that was not overly delightful.  That moment reaffirmed to me that my Abba was with me every step of my life journey and that He always would be. He was present at that exact moment in July 2011 when He orchestrated the firefly show. He will always be my very present help in time of trouble, but more so, He is my Friend and constant companion. And I am His.

Are you His friend? He has fireflies and a myriad of additional treasures planned for you, if you will allow Him.

Prayer starter:  Jesus, I would like to be your friend. Can you show me how to be your friend? What does it look like? I trust that you hear me today and that you will answer this request.

PS: Be on the lookout for new spiritual adventures if you pray this prayer. Get ready! 


5 thoughts on “Fireflies Dance at Dusk

  1. Debbie M. says:

    I always feel excitement about seeing that first firefly (or lightning bug) of the year. I think you captured the emotion beautifully: it takes us back to our childhood in a moment of feeling carefree and in awe of light in the darkness. All a great analogy for what God wants to give our hearts for today.


    • kathryneann says:

      I appreciate your compliment, Debbie.
      To my amazement and great delight, this post has been read more than I imagined. The Lord has been surprising me all this summer, providing more childlike glee. Stay tuned!

      Liked by 1 person

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