Christ: Path to Peace

Path of PeaceThis Passion Translation quote summarizes a way to honor Christ every day, especially during December. By walking in peace!

Speaking of Christmas – the season we Christians celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, let us not forget that Hanukkah is Sunday, December 6 to Monday, December 14, 2015 this year. I’m preparing  eight devotions on the subject of light in honor of the Father of Lights and to help Christians understand this festival. Jesus (Yeshua) practiced Jewish traditions while here on earth.

So check in every day of Hanukkah, beginning Sunday, December 6 for thoughts on light and miracles to lighten your heart.

I hope you’ll join me in the fun!


2 thoughts on “Christ: Path to Peace

  1. Debbie M. says:

    I love how you are reminding us of our “roots” in the Jewish people and celebrations. We were grafted in! Romans 11:17, “If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root,” Looking forward to your study!

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