If I Should Speak, Let it Be of Him

HOPE   flaming-word-love


victory 2   FREEDOM,   MERCY. Resurrection LIFE.

Question: What links all these words and concepts?

Answer: Jesus!

The lyrics in Big Daddy Weave’s song, “My Story” explain it perfectly. I love this song! Love, love, love it! It has become my prayer, my hearts desire.

“If I told you my story … you’d hear hope, you’d hear love, you’d hear life. You’d hear victory, freedom from sin and His kindness that drew me in.”

So … if I should speak then let it be of the GRACE that is GREATER than all my sin.

If I should speak — let it be … of Him.


Reader friendsdo you love this song, too? Does it tag your heart? Leave a comment cuz I want to know. Thanks! And thanks for reading this little blog. It means a lot. I’m grateful that you take the time to stop by for an encouraging word. Have a blessed day! Love in Him, Kathryne Ann





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