Celebrating Being Irish!

File Mar 19, 6 03 55 AMThe 18th annual Irish Festival and Parade in Melbourne, FL this weekend was a first for us. What a fun family event!

Mild temps and blue skies set the stage for strollers, leashed dogs, moms, dads and plenty of kids. Smiles abounded at each candy toss.

St. Pat sure looks good for 1600 years of age, doesn’t he? Seriously though, I have a new appreciation for the gift of miracles that God granted him. Credited with raising 33 people from the dead, it earned him sainthood designation by the Catholic church. Enjoy my photo’s. Click on any to enlarge.

Sláinte mhaith! (Good health to you! )



(c) Kate Leach 03/19/2017 photographs and article


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