Books I Love

Like most of you, I’m a book lover. My ideal world would have more sculptures like the book fountain gracing the Public Library of Cincinnati.

This list is not comprehensive, but when a book strongly affects us, we have to share it. These are the books I’ve read in 2017 that I recommend:


Pleasure_of_His_Company book imageDutch Sheets shares life lessons he has learned for cultivating an intimate relationship with God. Each of the thirty short chapters in The Pleasure of His Company reveals a simple, practical or biblical mindset that will help draw readers away from the noise of life and into the Lord’s peaceful presence.

Just a few of the stirring topics include: how God persistently pursues us; how we can chase after His heart through worship; · how God lovingly offers his grace when we fail; how He speaks to those who listen and how the Cross proves God’s love.

Profound Bible insights, storytelling, and touches of humor all work together to demonstrate the joys of spending time with a loving God. As you read, you will deepen your relationship with God, who deeply desires your company.

The Pleasure of His Company is like a spiritual mentor. If you want a more rewarding spiritual life, if you desire the pleasure of knowing your Creator’s heart, this soul-lifting book is for you. I used it as a 30-day daily devotional. Kate rating: 5 stars!


Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking and Health by Dr. Caroline Leaf. Research reports a whopping 75-98 percent of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. What we think about truly affects us both physically and emotionally. Supported by current scientific and medical research, Dr. Caroline Leaf gives readers a prescription for better health and wholeness through correct thinking patterns, declaring that we are not victims of our biology. Kate rating: 5 stars!


Micaiah Co book imageIn the charismatic Christian community, there has been great excitement over the prophetic, in fact, many believers have sought a “word from the Lord” that will tell us of our future blessings much as the New Age community seeks astrological charts, palm reading, and tea leaves to know of their increase in divine favor.

Though this hunger to hear the voice of God can be a positive reflection of the Saints’ search for the touch of Christ’s love; unfortunately, many well-known prophetic voices speaking in the “name of the Lord” are saying what many want to hear, “tickling the ears” of the elect. The prophetic movement as we have known it is in need of reformation.

“You will have a hard time finding two authors who share a deeper passion for genuine, high quality prophetic ministry in the Church.” –Art Thomas, Evangelist and Filmmaker. The Micaiah Company, a Prophetic Reformation, co-authored by R. Loren Sandford and Jeremiah Johnson lovingly lay out the adjustments needed and the true nature of prophetic ministry in our time to restore trust in the prophetic word. What does it mean to be a Micaiah standing alone with the true word of the Lord against 400 others? This book will shake you up and at the same time answer a lot of questions.


The Story Equation by Susan May Warren brilliantly teaches how to plot and craft a fiction story (novel) using one powerful question. Best-selling novelist Warren writes about the external and internal journey of your characters, how to create a theme, build story and scene tension, create the character change journey and even pitch and market your story. All with one amazing question. Kate rates it 5 stars!

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