Inspirational Bible Memes

Four hot-off-the-press original Bible memes for your inspiration and free to share on social media.


Set Your Imagination Free at Bryce Canyons Hoodoos

"Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are?" Bill sang the chorus of this 1970 Jean Knight song repeatedly on our recent trip out west to Utah. Before heading out west, I had never heard of hoodoo’s. Bryce Canyon National Park has an abundance of these gigantic rock formations, also known as spires or pinacles. Hoodoos … Continue reading Set Your Imagination Free at Bryce Canyons Hoodoos

Walled Cities: Not New to God

“Beth Nimrah and Beth Haran were walled cities. They also built stone fences for their flocks” (Numbers 32:36 Names of God version). Leviticus 25:29 informs us that “If anyone sells a home in a walled city, for one year after selling it he has the right to buy it back. He may buy it back only within that … Continue reading Walled Cities: Not New to God

More Inspirational Memes

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Time Travel at Bok Tower and Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens, a sensory delight of natural color and fragrance, along with the 205 ft art deco Tower, transport guests to a simpler time.

Guest Post: Pulled Punches

This guest post by Marissa Niranjan is a humorous, relatable account of a coffee shop punch card experience. Do they even still exist?

Mother’s Day: Moving From Pain to Peace

Mother’s Day is an emotional minefield for some women. I've known it's pain, yet found peace. This post offers compassion, validation of your hurt and a path to peace. Help to release those stuffed emotions and allow the healing balm of God in.

#WATWB: A Strangers Kindness

Today, for WE ARE THE WORLD BLOGFEST, I bring a positive story of random kindness in the midst of my grief and emotional upheaval. My Dad died in February, 2016 at age 87 while under hospice care. The preceding 60 days were intense: watching his suffering while juggling caregiving, replete with the medical, financial and emotional decisions … Continue reading #WATWB: A Strangers Kindness

Is Life Really Better on a Sailboat?

Today's guest post and photo collage comes from Janine Watson, who writes about life aboard a sailboat where she lives with husband, Ian and daughter, Tammy. Let's listen ... Driving down US1 there is a large billboard screaming "Let Go and Go Sailing" accompanied by an appropriate sailboat in full sail on an azure sea with a tropical island paradise … Continue reading Is Life Really Better on a Sailboat?

Monarch Butterfly Quest (Captivated by Chrysalis)

For years I’ve wanted a butterfly garden, but never took the steps to make it a reality.  This February I took the plunge, planting two milkweed host plants in my central Florida garden.  The butterflies came and laid eggs. I only know this because one day, about 3 weeks later, caterpillars appeared on March 8. … Continue reading Monarch Butterfly Quest (Captivated by Chrysalis)