Spiritual Flab? Why Godly Discipline is Paramount in Dangerous Times

My upper arms have become flabby through age and lack of weight training. Muscle slackness is easy to see, those old lady arms right there every time I even consider a sleeveless blouse. Is it rectifiable? Oh yes, certainly. And I WILL address it, despite my dislike of exercise. Every aspect of our life is … Continue reading Spiritual Flab? Why Godly Discipline is Paramount in Dangerous Times


God Collects Our Tears

Does God care about my feelings? - is a question I've wondered about over the years. Maybe you have, too. One thing that unites the human race is emotion. We all have the capacity to feel and express that emotion outwardly, be it through laughter, anger, tears or a myriad of other feelings.  I've gotten into … Continue reading God Collects Our Tears

Hidden Cemetery Plots

God showed up in a surprising way for my extended family in the midst of grievous  circumstances. My 51 year-old nephew Norman Barry, who appeared to be in good health, suffered a heart attack while riding his bicycle in a race on 9/16/17. The Tour de Troit Ride explores some of the city's historic areas, takes … Continue reading Hidden Cemetery Plots

Hurricane Recovery: Why Rush Back to Normal?

Thanks to our connected world, everyone knows the destruction that Hurricane Irma brought to my state of Florida. The images are heartbreaking but we are a resilient people who will recover. My family is blessed. We are safe. We did not evacuate, but shuttered in and hunkered down with all the recommended hurricane supplies. The … Continue reading Hurricane Recovery: Why Rush Back to Normal?

Bible Memes

I found this site with hundreds of Bible memes that I'm sharing with you all. DailyBibleMeme.com.  All images are free to download and share at any time so visit there and help yourself! Here are just a few that caught my eye:   Also sharing a few more I created recently that you are free to … Continue reading Bible Memes

Real-Life Superheroes Come in All Sizes #WATWB

I ran across three uplifting news articles today and decided to share another We Are the World Blogfest post in addition to the one I previously published August 25. A 5-year-old boy battling neuroblastoma had the chance to become Batman for a day, thanks to a Justice League themed photo shoot that transformed cancer-stricken kids into … Continue reading Real-Life Superheroes Come in All Sizes #WATWB

You Are the Greatest Prophet!

Did my headline cause you to pause?  Good.  When I heard first this statement, it made me think. Then it resonated as I realized - it's true. "But I'm not a prophet," you may say. No, most likely, you're not. However, we speak words over ourselves all day, every day. Words that are either positive or … Continue reading You Are the Greatest Prophet!

Contagion of Kindness Takes Happiness Global #WATWB

In July I shared how the The Kindness Rocks Project ™ from Massachusetts has impacted my eastern Florida county in Painted Rocks Spread Kindness #WATWB. Brevard county, a community of 568,000, has 52,000 folks who paint and hide their rocks, then post photos to one of our four local Facebook groups. One of my readers, Lynn mentioned … Continue reading Contagion of Kindness Takes Happiness Global #WATWB

God is Breathing Upon His Writers, Now!

All writers gets discouraged and must internally motivate themselves, but for the Christian writer, another dimension is at work. Divine inspiration. Does the project/manuscript I'm developing have any eternal significance? Is this piece glorifying God? Is it drawing my readers thoughts to Jesus or at least weaving a redemptive thread throughout? The purpose of today's … Continue reading God is Breathing Upon His Writers, Now!

Restoring Artistry to the Church

What is your contribution to the creative arts? In other words, are you using your creative gift or gifts to glorify God? Do you view your creativity as a form of worship?  A Christian musician I greatly admire recently backed away from his music/worship/teaching and traveling ministry after 30 years because it wasn't supporting he … Continue reading Restoring Artistry to the Church