Contagion of Kindness Takes Happiness Global #WATWB

In July I shared how the The Kindness Rocks Project ™ from Massachusetts has impacted my eastern Florida county in Painted Rocks Spread Kindness #WATWB. Brevard county, a community of 568,000, has 52,000 folks who paint and hide their rocks, then post photos to one of our four local Facebook groups. One of my readers, Lynn mentioned … Continue reading Contagion of Kindness Takes Happiness Global #WATWB


God is Breathing Upon His Writers, Now!

All writers gets discouraged and must internally motivate themselves, but for the Christian writer, another dimension is at work. Divine inspiration. Does the project/manuscript I'm developing have any eternal significance? Is this piece glorifying God? Is it drawing my readers thoughts to Jesus or at least weaving a redemptive thread throughout? The purpose of today's … Continue reading God is Breathing Upon His Writers, Now!

Restoring Artistry to the Church

What is your contribution to the creative arts? In other words, are you using your creative gift or gifts to glorify God? Do you view your creativity as a form of worship?  A Christian musician I greatly admire recently backed away from his music/worship/teaching and traveling ministry after 30 years because it wasn't supporting he … Continue reading Restoring Artistry to the Church

Painted Rocks Spread Kindness #WATWB

My happy #WATWB story for July comes from our small newspaper, Viera Voice Hide and Seekers Ensure Brevard Rocks explaining the grassroots rock painting craze in our eastern Florida county. How does it work? Hand-painted rocks are placed throughout the county in public venues, including parks, shopping areas or libraries. If you find a rock, you can place … Continue reading Painted Rocks Spread Kindness #WATWB

A Sound Mind is a Powerful Weapon

Wonder Woman was given powerful weapons forged by Greek gods. Christ has empowered us with superhuman gifts, too. This post digs into the meaning of SOUND MIND from 2 Timothy 1:7. Depending on the Bible version you use, you'll see it one of 2 ways. It matters because it affects the power of your prayer life.

Colonial American Slave Poet – A Short, Impactful Life

Imagine being kidnapped, ripped from your parents care, your homeland and all the familiar sights and sounds of your short life to be sold into slavery at age seven or eight. Transported on a transatlantic ship bearing human cargo to a new country, only to be sold again. Horrible, right?  Fortune intervened for Phillis Wheatley, … Continue reading Colonial American Slave Poet – A Short, Impactful Life

Inspirational Bible Memes

Four hot-off-the-press original Bible memes for your inspiration and free to share on social media.

Set Your Imagination Free at Bryce Canyons Hoodoos

"Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are?" Bill sang the chorus of this 1970 Jean Knight song repeatedly on our recent trip out west to Utah. Before heading out west, I had never heard of hoodoo’s. Bryce Canyon National Park has an abundance of these gigantic rock formations, also known as spires or pinacles. Hoodoos … Continue reading Set Your Imagination Free at Bryce Canyons Hoodoos

Walled Cities: Not New to God

“Beth Nimrah and Beth Haran were walled cities. They also built stone fences for their flocks” (Numbers 32:36 Names of God version). Leviticus 25:29 informs us that “If anyone sells a home in a walled city, for one year after selling it he has the right to buy it back. He may buy it back only within that … Continue reading Walled Cities: Not New to God

More Inspirational Memes

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